A logo is among the most important elements of branding. It’s not only designed for international corporations and corporations. The logo can also affect the credibility of a celebrity or blogger.

A well-designed logo will guarantee high-quality for customers and subscribers on blogs or social media. It allows you to advertise yourself to new customers and boost the worth of your company.

Personal branding: What exactly is it? how does it work?

Are you curious about the reason why individuals become famous within just a few months while other people are forgotten after their first performance, song or book? It’s because the former have built a brand for themselves.

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Personal branding is about creating an image both online and offline, as well as advertising it. Every person has their own reasons to build an individual brand. It could be the advancement of their career and attracting clients, seeking partners, gaining recognition or simply sharing fascinating things with other people.

Every one of us creates an image of ourselves each day through phrases and words by telling stories, communicating our opinions on current issues and deciding on clothes or meals in a restaurant. It’s possible that you don’t work to improve your image however, you have it and will continue to have it for the rest of your life. There is no way to escape it.

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If you’re looking to boost your image, want to be popular or want to market your products or services, you cannot avoid an identity. It will improve your look as well as highlight your core values and remind your clients of your company’s values.

Personal branding is the most important factor in the following areas:

  • CEOs and businessmen
  • designers;
  • lawyers;
  • psychologists;
  • coaches;
  • Business representatives from the show;
  • bloggers;
  • People who are creative (musicians musicians, dancers, artists presenters of events, television shows, etc. ).

Personal branding helps build audience expectations, which helps you gain the support of subscribers and gain public recognition. A logo can help you to enhance your image and boost consumer trust and loyalty.

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How do you create a unique logo?


You can create an identity for your business on your ownusing specialist online services. The downside of this option is that you’re not likely to have a brand name that is able to be etched in your mind and boost your reputation, as only you are able to flawlessly execute your concepts yourself.

For creating a distinctive logo, it is important to think about all possible ways. Here are five choices:

  1. Freelancer. The cost for designing a logo is around 3000 rubles. It is essential to locate someone who is familiar on your particular field and is able to show a portfolio of solid instances.
  2. Design Studio. This is a good choice for creating the perfect logo to increase your visibility. When you entrust the development of your branding concept to a designer company You can be assured that they will consider the traits of your competition and the preferences of your customers, your beliefs as well as other aspects. It is also an option, but the price of which is not cheap.
  3. Tender. Any website that supports graphic content is able to make an offer on it and then find an appropriate option. You will be able to help with to showcase the work of one or another creator however, as for the end result, nobody is accountable and you could be able to lose money.
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Another method of creating is through your own efforts: via online designers or even drawing with your hand:

  1. On-line constructors are a cost-free and quick option to create branding, however the options for logos aren’t unique and boring however they can be made instantly. Another advantage is the possibility to make a variety of designs and without having to spend any money whatsoever.
  2. Drawing on your own is a method that requires you to be imaginative and possess excellent artistic abilities. So, you’ll discover a design which you’ll be fully content and completely with. It’s also completely free.

How to create an image for your personal brand


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Personal branding is the result of your business. Before you design your logo, consider the following aspects:

  • What image do you wish to create?
  • What are you going to showcase on the internet: professional sports, athletic successes and travel?
  • Who is your intended audience?
  • What is the foundation for your website?

These elements are considered when designing the logo. It must convey the person you are as well as what you do and the reasons behind it. It’s crucial to recognize that the various components of a personal brand do not operate in isolation, they complement each other’s actions to accomplish the primary objective. A well-designed site with speedy loading pages, or targeted ads on Facebook won’t achieve the same impact using the same strategy with a distinctive logo.

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Other things to think about when creating a logo?

  • Utilize to follow the “picture instead of a thousand words” rule. Logos are visual representation of an organization’s brand. What better way to showcase what you are specialized in when you can demonstrate it? In particular, as per studies, Internet users can remember up to 2,000 photos with 90 percent accuracy.
  • Create visual contrast. For instance, red and orange are arousing, but they should not be used as the primary colors. It is preferential to choose bright colors to emphasize key elements, and to use less moderate colors as the primary colors.


Which method should you employ when creating your personal logo? It’s the decision of each client. If you’re a time-sucker you should rely on experts, however, if you’d like to design it yourself, begin with a few sketches and select the best one. In this way, you’ll be able to make a perfect logo for your company.

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