Logos are a distinctive marketing tool that speaks about a company’s image without using words. If you come across an advertisement for pizza You’re likely to recall it in the perfect time. The logo aids in the communication between the consumer and the business, forming a bonds between them.

Furthermore, an appealing logo design will easily draw the attention of any customer at the very minimum, and make it more noticeable. If you don’t have an attractive and attractive logo your business is not likely to succeed. Also, if you’ve got it in the top 2022 fashion designs, your odds of success increase by tenfold!

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Logo Trends 2022

Restrictions and minimalism and bending the norms – the logo trends of 2022 are a mix of styles. Now we’ll get better understand them.

The style of the 90s



The latter 10 years of XX century was marked by a variety of styles and genres, from grunge to pop culture, and punk. However, one thing is certain: in each subculture there was a space for exploration.

The trends of the 90s are returning not just on the catwalks for fashion, as well in the graphic designs. It is evident in vibrant colors as well as abstract geometric designs and whimsical designs. For logos with text you are able to make use of unusual combinations of text, bold shadows and sharp contrast lines. This design style is ideal for brands who want to draw attention and don’t fear the latest trends. Examples of this trend include Trolli, Mr. Men Little Miss, Just Dance 2022 and many more.

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Negative space



Negative or negative space refers to space that is empty in or around images, letters and other symbols. This isn’t a new trend but it is constantly relevant since it is not possible to duplicate the method depending on the specifics that each symbol has.

In order to make use of negative space in a creative way consider ways to incorporate the logo of your company between letters or within one. This can help to in promoting the message of the logo without making it too complicated visually. In addition, it draws your attention and keeps your attention. It’s best to keep the brand in mind. The most popular brands are Criteo, Newsy, Festik.

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Experiments using fonts



Unusual typography is just one of the methods to add a distinctive touch to a logo. By “experimental font,” we are referring to anything that goes against the traditional rules of font design. It’s not necessarily something flashy or difficult to read. The key is the impact of surprise, due to letters are of different heights. letters, disregard the line kerning, or the unusual lines.

When using this method is crucial to find a balance between the goals of marketing and creativity. While it may be unique and creative the logo should communicate the right message, be able to resonate with your target audience and be easily readable. Otta, Lorenz and Olympia are trend-setting.

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Layering of elements



This style of design opens up nearly endless possibilities for layering: overlay (or overlay) can be applied to letters, colors, shapes, patterns, symbols in a variety of combinations. This technique makes each logo unique, and that’s the reason this trend hasn’t lost its spot for many years.

Overlays can make images appear more and more 3D, helping to create accents and highlight the relationship between the elements. In order to use an overlay effectively concentrate on the message you wish to convey using the overlay. Examples of the current trend: CupRus, Momentive, Izzi.

Bright colors


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Through difficult times, people want to be more optimism, and so bright colors are highly in need in the present. The impact of a bright color is instantaneous to make a logo more appealing and also gives your customers positive feelings.

Adjust the brightness scale so that you can rapidly revive an old logo. The entire logo can be designed in a new color or make it an accent, or mix various colors simultaneously. The most important thing is to get them to trigger the appropriate reaction from potential customers. Examples of trends – Fansdom DXC Technology, Weston Park.



Minimalism is an all-encompassing trend and this is the reason it’s still not the case for the first time. Its principle is the less you have, the better. In spite of the basic geometry, typography, or arrangement, every single element serves an important function or concept.

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A logo like this can be read quickly to understand the core message of the brand. It is simple to recall and identify. Its technical benefits include the capability to show it on any medium and at any size with no losing quality. Additionally, a minimalist icon is thought to be eternal, meaning it won’t require updates for many years to the future. The most popular examples of this trend include Yandex, Swivel, and Hungry Harvest.

Geometric figures


Simple geometric shapes such as circles, squares, triangles and line are the basis of pictures that symbolize the company. The strength of an image lies in its absolute simplicity.

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On one hand, the essential components of geometry are paired with clarity, structure and control. However their combination permits creativity in the process by making use of vibrant colors and the development of unique combinations of geometric shapes. Examples of this trend include FRVR, Renault, Jotform.

Signs and tricks



Another trend associated with precise sciences is substituting letters with mathematical symbols and geometric shapes, for instance, a mixture consisting of two words “o” with the infinity symbol, or the letter “i” with a parallelogram and an arc. The other accents can be created by choosing the appropriate colors or fonts.

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Use signs as is a method of quickly and easily update the brand’s identity and draw the attention of others. These logos appear laconic and informal in the same way which makes you want to look at them for longer. Examples of the current trend are MOOC, KeyLoop, ZIP.




The trend is growing every year because of the digital tools which allow the creation of unique color changes. Gradient lets you focus on color and direct the user’s focus, while adding volume, depth and dynamism to logos.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the standard rule of modern gradients should be delicacy and smoothness. However the fashion allows for the most daring experimentation. Color changes can be used to fill the entire logo or provide distinct elements: the logo or background, as well as the inscription. The gradient could be varying between shades of the exact color or a variety of contrasting colors. The most prominent examples of this are Partymania Payoneer, Partymania, Canva.

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Optic illusion

A well-designed logo is able to convey many different meanings and demonstrates that the basic shape does not always reflect the same as what it appears. When the parallelepiped is transformed in to the shape of an “m,” it’s an optical illusion.

From a visual perspective, the use of the shapes, colors, and perspectives in a logo gives it the illusion of 3D. Also, on a psychological level, it lets people look at these images in a different way in comparison to “flat” logos. The optical illusions created by the creation of optical illusions provide an infinite space to express meanings and makes it easier to remember the brand more easily. The most prominent examples of this type of design are Unity, NatWest, MajorKey.

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To be successful, brands have to be flexible and adaptable to change, which includes the development of corporate identities. Whatever your company you are in, you will find solutions that will work for you in twenty22’s trends. Remember that you don’t need to blindly follow trends in design or completely alter your logo. Instead, find concepts that are suitable for your business and consider ways to incorporate them into your brand identity.


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