Your company’s logo design is one of the most crucial elements of your business. One of the reasons is that it can set the tone for your business and becomes the symbol for the brand. It helps people in recognizing the brand in a pool of so many brands in the world. Being a startup, your logo has the capacity to hold and deliver a lot of meaning to the target audience. It also lays the foundation for all branding strategies and conveys a message to the audience about your business.


Even at this stage, many people are not aware of their business. This is mainly because it is just the beginning for you. At this time, it is an opportunity for you to play smart and create a design that creates an impression on everybody who comes in contact with you. There are so many companies in the past that failed to recognize the importance of an amazing logo and the potential it has. All you need is an eye that can help you cover the philosophy of your company and encapsulate it in a logo.

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Furthermore, you can learn more about logos and designs using YouTube or look for different companies and brand logos for inspiration on TV. The best way to watch Cable TV is by using WOW TV Packages which redefines the way you watch TV with your family at home. For now, you can have a look at the different things that you must consider when designing your startup’s logo:


Define Your Business Personality and Brand Identity

Your logo must be very important but it should not be part of your priority list in the beginning at least. First, you need to figure out some other things like the purpose of your business, the vision of your company after five years from the origin of your business, etc. The mission, vision, and aim of your business are the guiding force that will stay with you through time.

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Keeping all these factors and your brand identity goals in mind, you can think about creating your logo. This makes your mission, vision and your company’s aim to be the most urgent things to be figured out. Another thing to take care of is your brand’s personality which should be clearly defined and think about something that defines your business. It has to be something minimalistic, and elegant with a quirky tone. This might not help you with the logo’s design but will help you set a tone for your branding strategies in the future.


Your Logo Design Is Not the Only Thing on Priority

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When you are running a startup, its success and performance are one of the major things to take care of. This depends on how much energy and time you dedicate to your business and finish all your tasks. When your business is in the early stages, you have to eat, sleep and breathe almost everything regarding your business until things become stable enough.


Even though creating your logo is a task as well but it may not be that urgent. In the early stages at least, your top priority tasks should include:


Selecting a name

Purchasing your website’s domain name

Defining the MVP

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Securing investments, etc.


Make sure you prioritize all tasks and jobs carefully and never lose sight of any task that is more critical.


Look For Inspirations Around You

While you are working on your business pitch and model, you might need to look around and study the work of other companies and ideally your competitors. This way you will come across their logo design and concept that you can adopt for your brand as well. Do not disregard a design even if it does not make any sense or sounds relevant to you. Keep your eyes open, as you never know that you might fall for a logo’s color scheme, design, texture, and even the philosophy that you would want to embed in your company’s logo.

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Look What Your Competitors are Doing

When you are looking for inspiration around you, pay special heed to what your competitors are up to. Analyze the philosophy behind their logo and ways you can use this information to your advantage. You can also look at the design process it would’ve gone through and how they have associated their products and the company’s vision around it.


Never copy their design as this catches the eyes of netizens very easily and portrays that your company lacks creativity and gives out a very unprofessional vibe throughout. Many brands have gotten bashed out in the past because they copied the logo of a brand or the design looks somewhat similar to a certain brand. So let your creative juices flow and think about a unique and artistic logo that people can easily recognize when it is out in the market.

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Your logo should be able to attract people and have a style that defines your organization, its value, and the brand image you are trying to portray. For this, you can use your imagination and even hire a creative designer who can help you get the perfect logo. If you are designing the logo yourself, there are so many mobile apps that can help you create the perfect logo just by using your smartphone and other handheld devices.

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